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Stone Meteorite NWA 869, Algeria

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  • MO-NWA-869
Fragment    - Stone Meteorite NWA 869    - Weight: ca. 5-10 g... more


   - Stone Meteorite NWA 869
   - Weight: ca. 5-10 g
   - Location: Algeria
   - Found: 1999
   - Age approx. 4.5 billion years
   - Origin: Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
   - Material Definition: L-, H-Chondrite

The Origin is in the Asteroid belt

Meteorite NWA 869 was classified as an L4/L5 olivine-bronzine chondrite (low-iron stony meteorite). It is strongly brecciated and has many inclusions. Chemical composition: nickel iron; 5 to 10 %.

Scope of delivery

   - Meteorite rock
   - Certificate of authenticity
   - Meteorite booklet
   - Collector's etui and wooden box


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