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Spaceball - Meteorite Ball

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Meteorite Sphere - Spaceball  Sphere size: 30 mm  Meteorite color: brown to... more

Meteorite Sphere - Spaceball

  •  Sphere size: 30 mm
  •  Meteorite color: brown to black

The meteorite sphere is cut from a massive, natural stone meteorite. The structure of the material and the color of the stone, as well as the metallic fragments, are clearly recognizable through the grinding and polishing process, during which amazing details come to light. The sphere has a diameter of approx. 30 mm and weighs approx. 50g.

The meteorite stone probably came from the asteroid nebula between the planets Mars and Jupiter and has been on a long journey.

This "Spaceball" is unique and an absolute collector's item for enthusiastic fans.

Certified Meteorite Stone

  •  Stone Meteorite 869 (Located: NWA, Algeria)
  • Age: about 4,5 billion years
  • Origin: Asteroid Nebula
  • Material definition: L-, H-Chondrite


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