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Andromeda Meteorite Bracelet

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Andromeda Bracelet  Charm size: 10 mm  Setting and Bracelet: 925 Sterling... more

Andromeda Bracelet

  •  Charm size: 10 mm
  •  Setting and Bracelet: 925 Sterling Silver
  •  Stone Meteorite color: brown to black
  •  Bracelet length: adjustable

The Andromeda Bracelet is casted Stardust in acrylic. The Stardust originated from the cores of metallic Asteroids. The immortalisation of the Meteorite rock forms a beautiful cabochon shape, which allows the light to chime in a special way. The delicate star Bracelet is made of 925 Sterling Silver and can be adjusted via the clasp.

The Bracelet is nestled in a jewellery box and comes in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

Certified Meteorite stone

  •  Stone Meteorite (Located: NWA, Morocco)
  •  Age: about 4,5 billion years
  •  Origin: Asteroid Nebula
  •  Material definition: L-, H-Chondrite


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