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Meteorite Star Pendant 9 mm

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  • SLE-TA-9
Meteorite Star Pendant  Pendant size: 9 mm  Setting and necklace: 925... more

Meteorite Star Pendant

  •  Pendant size: 9 mm
  •  Setting and necklace: 925 Sterling Silver
  •  Stone Meteorite color: brown to black
  •  Necklace length: 42 cm

Pendant made of Stardust and fine Meteorite rock shaped as a cabochon.
The cosmic matter is cast in acrylic and immortalised for all time. The Pendant is approx. 9 mm across and, like the necklace, made of 925 Sterling Silver.

The Meteorite likely came into being together with our solar system 4.5 billion years ago, and was formed from planetary rock. This matter is, therefore, older than anything known to us on earth.
The necklace comes packaged in an elegant storage box. The Pendant comes with a Meteorite information booklet as well as a certificate of authenticity and a gift box.


Certified Meteorite stone

  •  Stone Meteorite (Located: NWA, Morocco)
  •  Age: about 4,5 billion years
  •  Origin: Asteroid Nebula
  •  Material definition: L-, H-Chondrite


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