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Universe Meteorite Pendant

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Medallion Universe - the world is yours  Pendant size: 24 x 27 mm  Setting... more

Medallion Universe - the world is yours

  •  Pendant size: 24 x 27 mm
  •  Setting and necklace: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated
  •  Stone Meteorite color: light brown, grey to black
  •  Necklace length: 45 cm

Decorative composition featuring a particularly rare meteoric stone from the Chergach Meteorite.
Silver setting with Gold-plated details as a splendid medallion. The embedded Chergach meteoric stone sparkles due to the extraordinary, natural, metallic inclusions and mesmerises thanks to the various delicate nuances in its colour. The decorative stone is round cut and polished to high lustre, allowing the composition of the mineral to be seen.

The view out into the night sky is the same whether we are on earth or on a distant planet. Our fantastic cosmos, staged as a snapshot in time, allowing us to carry the course of the stars with us.

The medallion comes in an elegant jewellery box, together with a brochure and a certificate for the meteorite in a gift box.

Certified Meteorite stone

  •  Stone Meteorite Chergach (Located: NWA, Morocco)
  •  Age: about 4,5 billion years
  •  Origin: Asteroid Nebula
  •  Material definition: L-, H-Chondrite


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